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Born and Raised in Atlanta, Georgia; writing has always been a passion for me. I was not a very out going person as a child and writing seemed to be the only way I could get a point across effectively on how I felt about certain situations. As I grew older, I learned how to outwardly express myself a bit more but I still chose to wrote my family a proposal on why I should be granted a cell phone. Needless to say two years and a polished proposal later I recieved a cell phone. I've said all of that to say; writing is not just what I do for fun- it is a part of who I am. I am a graduate of Columbus State University with a B.A. in Professional Writing. A proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, inc. since April 12, 2009.

Helping Others One Cake at a time..

Icing Smiles Logo

Cakes By A Scisney is proud to be a volunteer ‘Sugar Angel’ with Icing Smiles helping to bake a difference one cake at a time.

Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child.”

If you know me, you know that I am really big on family and creating memories. When I heard about Icing Smiles from one of my favorite YouTube cake artists, I immediately wanted to be a part of this organization. Not only would I be able to help families build memories, but I would be utilizing my gift of baking.

So until my time comes to be a Sugar Angel to a family who needs a smile, I ask you to please donate what you can to this organization to keep it going. You can donate directly on their website at:

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Introducing Cakes By A Scisney

Cakes By A Scisney official logo designed by Life Forever LLC

My name is Amanda and I love to bake. I am currently COO of Life Forever, LLC (more affectionately known as The Director) helping my husband Paul build the family business.

Growing up my grandmother taught me all she knew about the art of baking and I just took it all in!

About 6 years ago when I met Paul, he began to push me to find my passion project. He is an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert who is the Graphic Designer/Illustrator who owns Life Forever, LLC.

So I began doing little competitions here and there. Learning more about cake design in my spare time.

2020 Soulfood Fixins Competition at Roswell Roots Festival

Now this year, we are ready to branch out under the Life Forever Brand and build out our Cake Art Division called “Cakes by A Scisney” all headed up by our little Baker M&M 🥰. But, until she gets old enough to handle the business on her own, I will be The Cake Director.

#CakesbyAscisney #cakeart #introducingMe #newbusinessalert

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Illustration brand Life Forever relaunches as Life Forever, LLC

Continuing to “Move The Media” one day at a time

Norcross, Georgia ( 11 July 2018— Local small business, Life Forever, is pleased to announce as of April 13, 2018, the State of Georgia officially recognizes their company as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the name of Life Forever, LLC.

Along with the company relaunch, they have also completely revamped the website (  The site now features three main sections: Illustrations, Books and Videos. In addition to viewing original and fan art created by the artist, DeForrest, you can also tune into their YouTube Channel (, featuring art timelapse shows such as the comedy podcast “Life Forever’s THE GRAPHIC” and fan art series “Illustrated by D4S.” There is also a new tech and tutorial video section called “seLF start.”

Screenshot taken from

There is an online shop for customers to purchase not only artwork from the Life Forever brand but one of a kind apparel and other merchandise as well!

Founder, CEO, and lead illustrator Paul DeForrest Scisney (who uses his middle name as his pen name) says that Life Forever had its unofficial beginning in Augusta, GA during the afternoon of August 10, 2001, but the primary motivations in this relaunch of Life Forever are his wife and daughter. DeForrest concluded by saying, “I work, plan, and learn everyday for the aims of financial security and the show them that dreams do yield fruitful results. I want them to not only enjoy life, but to enjoy the work they eventually do.”

For more information about Life Forever, LLC, please visit


About Life Forever, LLC

Life Forever, LLC is a promotions and entertainment company based in Norcross, GA. It offers illustration and graphic design commissions as well as action/sci-fi eBooks with related merchandise. Its properties also include video podcasts and creative tutorials. To request a commission or view previously created works from Life Forever, LLC, visit its website


For more information contact:

Amanda Scisney

Chief Operations Officer

Life Forever, LLC

Phone: 678.743.1898


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Time Flies

Time sure does fly when learning new things!

I cannot believe it has been 6 months already…

Please excuse the confused look on my face, I was probably asking for Blue Gatorade!

It feels like just yesterday when I was being wheeled upstairs to the Labor and Delivery Room at Emory Johns Creek to meet my beautiful little Image.

Over the last 6 months I have seen her go from being a tiny life form to an absolute beautiful determined little girl with a mind of her own!

Yes, Image has a mind of her own already. Once she decides she wants something—watch out because she will find a way to get it…

She can’t crawl or walk yet but it is amazing the things she can get in to because she will LITERALLY use her head.

Have you seen any child who can get from one end of a play pen to another just by scooting with their head? I hadn’t until Image got strong enough. I mean, she has always been strong, since day 2 of life when Dad was trying to hold her in his lap and she decided she wanted to push herself into a standing position. But seriously, you should see how she uses her head to get to people and things she wants!

At 5 months old, before learning to crawl mind you, if you put her in a walker to play if you get too far from her she will get to you.

One night I had put her in the walker in the living room near her dad’s office and I walked across the room to put something away. I heard little wheels moving behind me and I thought, “Oh she is just rolling backwards again like she usually does”.  Nope! Not this time, she was headed right for me. But of course, like many babies, when looked at she stopped “walking” and acted like she wasn’t doing anything. I figured she was trying to “surprise me” so I pretended not to notice her from the side of my eye until she got about 10 steps away from me. I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore, I was so proud I did our “Mommy and Image scream” of happiness to express how proud I was of her. Image had pushed herself clear across the room to where I was, now that’s determination!

On Mother’s Day, my husband made me a wonderful breakfast of waffles, bacon, eggs and of course you cannot forget the fruit so he gave me a banana. Image was in her walker, staring at me as I finished my plate. I had the brilliant idea that since she kept smiling at my fruit, maybe, just maybe she was ready to try it. We could possibly eat fruit together. She was about 15 steps from the sofa where her dad and I were sitting so I told her “if you can make it to daddy, I will give you a piece of the banana”. I should have known that I have a determined child so she was going to grunt her way to where he was at in her little walker. Needless to say, Image tried her first fruit on Mother’s Day. It was a messy process but she picked up that half of banana and went to town until it was too slippery to pick back up!

She is just growing so fast, it is truly hard to believe I have already been blessed to enjoy 6 months of waking up several times in the middle of the night or that she already has 2 little pearly white teeth on the bottom or that she already seems to love shopping for herself.

Image doing “leg-ups” 2 days old

From the beginning when she was doing

“leg ups” in the hospital not even 3 days old, I knew Image was going to be an interesting little one who would teach me a whole heck of a lot as she grows. And so far, I have been correct, she is one interesting, picky- but funny little person!

A month into going to daycare, she decided she was going to not drink from ANY of the bottles we sent her with. She was just going to wait until the daycare called her mommy to come get her because she was “refusing to eat”.  As a new mom and a natural “worry wort” I had been watching the app most of the day and noticed that she hadn’t eaten since I left the house at 6:30 that morning. Sure enough, I was sent a note that they were getting worried she wouldn’t eat so they suggested I come to try to feed her myself. I leave work, get to the daycare expecting to see Image looking tired, hungry or both. Instead, as her teacher hands her to me, she looks at me with that big grin of hers and puts her head on my shoulder. We get home and she eats like nothing had been wrong all day at school. Really?! She just wanted to go home and have Mommy/Image time like we used to… Looking back it may have been my fault. Her first few weeks of daycare I would explain to her that I was going to work and would pick her up at the end of the day. but I also told her, “if you need me, you make your teachers call me.” I just didn’t think at her age, a few months old, that she could actually understand me and make it happen!

She understood way more than you would think a “normal” newborn would, I know that “normal” is a relative term and considering Image’s parents… well, you’d have to know us to understand! 🙂 Anyway, you would think that as a newborn all they have to “care” about is drinking breast milk and sleeping right?

I think she was about 3 and a half months old when we were changing her diaper and I had just found a $5 in my purse. I jokingly told her “if you can grab the money, you can have it”. She was still working on grasping items and had not yet done it to this point so I figured I was safe. Well, I was wrong! Image looked at me holding the green paper and gently put her fingers together on the other end. She didn’t take it from my hands but the fact that she tried to grasp it and doesn’t even know what money is used for at this point in life? That was a shock. Needless to say, she ended up with the $5 in her “spending money” piggy bank because a promise is a promise.

As I think back on all of the funny yet precious memories I have so far with Image, and share just a snapshot with you, I am trying my hardest not to break down and cry. Tears of joy, okay maybe a little sadness because my baby isn’t such a baby anymore, but mostly tears of joy that God blessed me with such a beautiful little girl who is growing more and more each day right before my eyes.


All of that to say: Happy Half Year, Image! Mommy loves you 😀

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First “Real” Mother’s Day

This weekend is my very first Mother’s Day as an actual mom!

I mean, last year I got a card for Mother’s Day from my unborn baby girl and I broke into tears every time I opened the card to hear “How sweet it is to be loved by you”. But that card is nothing compared to the many years of handmade presents and artwork I’m in for now.

It felt weird to pick up my daughter from daycare and be handed a piece of artwork. Her very first handmade (or should I say footmade) present for mommy. I almost cried right there in the classroom, it was so adorable!

See for yourself:

First “footmade” present created by Image for mommy


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Profile: Work Ready Grad is Closing the Gap In Education

According to Katie Pfledderer, in an article entitled 3 Way Social Media Can Help You Land Your Dream Job, “Social media can also boost your job search through networking, researching and marketing yourself.”

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Brian Srikanchana, Founder of Work Ready Grad, says their purpose is to “provide a platform where companies can engage students as they try to figure out what they want to do in a career.” Schools are focusing more on career development in recent years. As early as middle school, they are trying to get students to begin thinking about what they want to do for a future career. Srikanchana continued by saying, they don’t necessarily want students to know their exact career choice, but more so to “connect the dots regarding what you are doing in school to your long-term career goal–whatever that might be.” WorkReadyGrad is a social networking platform that allows students and professionals the opportunity to interact and plan their path to a successful future. Srikanchana stated that, “a lot of students are graduating from school, but they are not getting jobs because the schools have not been preparing them to actually be ready for the work force.”

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Srikanchana continues with, “the top two reasons students drop out of school, is because of the difficulty in connecting the relevance to long-term careers, and second, because of the lack of a strong support system.” When schools systems and professionals begin to include the Work Ready Grad Program into their daily lesson plans it will eliminate a students’ need to blame their circumstance or environment for what they do not have. This program allows them to take their future into their own hands, thus, paving the way to a successful career.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

According to Georgia’s Path to Personalized learning, Schools have already begun adding technology into the curriculum to increase test scores; but a student should be more than just a number on a data sheet. Work Ready Grad allows them to showcase skills, awards, and other job related experience to showcase themselves as a person rather than just another number. The Work Ready Grad Challenges section is another program that are in place to help close this gap in the educational system. The “challenges” can be related to “virtual internships” that allow students to complete problem solving skills and various presentations for different companies worldwide. These virtual internships not only provide students with “real life” work experience for their resume, but also allow for more frequent higher-level conversations between students and employers.

The main point of the platform is creating the professional level interactions and providing students with the motivation and strong support system to foster a brighter-more prepared youth for the future. Work Ready Grad is the answer to what happens in the space between Facebook and LinkedIn. A social platform that promotes friendly competition while motivating students to plan for the future they desire. All roads lead to great jobs for work ready graduates.

photo courtesy: work ready
photo courtesy:






Srikanchana, B. (2014, June 6). Founder of Work Ready Grad. (A. Golden, Interviewer)

Pfledderer, K. (2014). 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land Your Dream Job. Diversity Employers, 45(1), 38-39.

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Life Forever’s The Graphic “Contains Content”

Check back on the Life Forever site for its Official Release!

Atlanta, Georgia ( 1 May 2014– Local business owner is on the verge of releasing a “prime new visual series” this May on YouTube. Life Forever’s The Graphic will combine humorous commentary with the original art rendering process of the graphic design artist himself. So, even if you’re not into art, this show is still for you!  If you need more convincing, the tagline of the show is “Contains Content.”

DeForrest, an Independent Graphic Design Artist and Author, is releasing the Pilot episodes behind the scenes of an artists’ mind on a YouTube Channel near you this May. Life Forever’s The Graphic is an episodic series featuring DeForrest’s art process and is set to comedic commentary. The artist will be drawing some of his signature characters and other works but with the twist of having someone entertain the audience as opposed to just having background music or someone giving a lecture.

DeForrest stated that in December 2013 he thought about wanting to develop an episodic presence on YouTube. In his thought process he said, “hey, I’m sure my process would be interesting to look at,” but he didn’t want just that alone; he wanted to make a real production, and The Graphic is the result of that.

Photo Credit: Life Forever/DeForrest
Photo Credit: Life Forever/DeForrest

The artist went on to say, “The technology to do it is here and now, very accessible, and I can’t let my chance pass me by: I know I have a great product, a unique and quality product, that we can deliver, and there are several outlets for it these days.”

From there he researched about the YouTube Partnership Program and began the planning on the YouTube Series coming out later this month.

DeForrest has been drawing and writing for 15 years. So far, he has published 4 books with a 5th coming this summer. His signature series is called Street Pedal Black.

The story of Street Pedal Black is set in a dystopian world, and is about a teenage crew led by an urban samurai known as Street Pedal Black, also called “The Fire of Metal Stereo.” Many of the first few episodes of The Graphic will show illustrations from the digital novels.

This episodic series called, The Graphic, features the cast of characters known as “Heavyhands,” “Proper,” “The Fifth,” and “The Director,” in probably some of the most eccentric conversations you’ve ever heard over the rendering process. The Graphic will also function as an audio podcast on the main for those who just want to listen.

The team has been doing a lot of audio and video recording the last few months. They have also been testing the waters for the Internet, and feel that they have some great material so far. “We’re all excited, and we plan on releasing the first episode later on this month” stated The Director.

DeForrest specializes in character designs and traditional sketching while constantly improving upon his digital rendering skills.

“Life Forever is the one-man independent brand name used by writer and illustrator DeForrest, primarily operating online through the website, Commissions, short novels, and other merchandise are all created by the artist in the USA.”

For More Information Please Contact:

Paul DeForrest Scisney, Independent Graphic Design Artist and Author of Life Forever.

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One Laptop Per Child- Will You Help?

Only laptops can help the world’s poorest children who have no school to attend.

According to an article from the American Accounting Association, in January 2005, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Media Lab, launched a research initiative to develop a $100 laptop for “the world’s poorest children.” This research initiative was called “One Laptop Per Child” or OPLC.

OLPC has a mission “to empower the world’s poorest children through education.” They believe when you give the gift of a laptop to a child, you are giving one more child a chance to succeed in life.

Negroponte stated that kids learn a great deal by themselves, and this is what made his team want to know just how much they learn on their own. So they turned their attention to the millions of children who have a scarce chance of attending primary school.


100 million kids worldwide who do not go to first grade. Most of them do not go because there is no school, there are no literate adults in their village, and there is little promise of that changing soon.

-Nicholas Negroponte –“Another Way to Think About Learning”


Today, you have the opportunity to help children who are much less fortunate to gain an education that will allow them to become essential citizens in their communities. Help provide a child with an education that will lead them to a brighter future.

Click here to donate towards a better education for children all over the world.

Help children like Zimi have a chance for a brighter future!

Listen to her story below.

Click here to donate today! 


Roberts, A., & Zamora, V. L. (2012). One Laptop per Child: The $100 Challenge. Issues In Accounting Education27(3), 799-817. doi:10.2038/iace-50163

Negroponte, N. (2012). Another Way to Think about Learning. Technology Review115(6), 37.


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Your Thoughts on Digital Learning in Early Education

Children utilizing a digital device in the classroom at Fayette Elementary School in Fayetteville, GA. Photo Credit: Amanda Golden
Children utilizing a digital device in a 2nd Grade classroom at Fayette Elementary School in Fayetteville, GA. Photo Credit: Amanda Golden

In response to the video and audio sample done in a previously written article, Profile: Educators Leading the Path to the Digital Future I did not receive too many responses. In fact, the one response I received was from one of the educators that I interviewed.  Going forward, to improve upon the amount of response I receive on video clips I produce, I will ask harder questions. The questions that I ask in the future will evoke a response from readers; whether it be a “hot topic” that parents may have very different views on or by using a broader topic with more in depth answers.

Pre-K Student using tablet at Nolan Elementary School. Photo credit: Amanda Golden
Pre-K Student using tablet at Nolan Elementary School. Photo credit: Amanda Golden

As a result of the surveys and polls conducted last week, I received 8 responses total.  As shown in the survey summary, there were several parents whose child attended a school with a Bring Your Own Device Program in place. Of these parents, many of them purchased their child a digital device between the ages of 3 to 5. It also was concluded almost unanimously that many parents see the use of digital technology continuing to grow over the next few years especially in regards to the school system.

During the previous week of the Social Media and Online Community Engagement Class I also published a discussion post to Reddit. This discussion titled “Digital Learning in GA Early Learning Schools: Good or Bad” yielded 25 Reddit “up-votes” and 5 very thought provoking responses.

I will share the response from one Reddit user: /r/jesusapproves below because this users’ comment accurately sums up what a lot of parents (that responded to the post) feel about the good and bad of digital learning.

Screen Capture of a comment from a reddit user in response to my discussion post in the subreddit of Praenting. Photo Credit: Amanda Golden
Screen Capture of a comment from a Reddit user in response to my discussion post in the sub-reddit of Parenting. Photo Credit: Amanda Golden

This response, in my opinion, pulls together the other points that parents gave on this discussion after his response.

Some of the major points that I took away from his response are:

* There are many advantages as well as disadvantages as to why one would want digital learning to be (or not be) involved in the educational system.

*   We are still living in a time where not everyone can afford to purchase these devices for their child; so in the event that schools do not provide a class set it would allow more chance for issues to arise.

*   There is still a need for the actual teacher to lecture in a traditional method as well as allow time for the use of devices in learning new concepts.

Overall, I would say that my audience responses were very informative. The responses allowed to me hear viewpoints that I had not considered. Some of the comments from the Reddit post even provided me with articles to use as a resource for further research. I would also like to thank the people who have responded to my articles, surveys and discussion posts for helping me gather data for further research on my Capstone Topic.

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Survey: Digital Technology in GA Schools

The topic of Textbooks vs. Tablets in Georgia Schools is steadily on the rise; and we would like to know how you feel on the subject. Many schools in Georgia, as well as around the United States, have recently adopted the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. These programs are an effort to help raise test scores in the school system. The results of this survey are intended to analyze responses of how people really feel about this program being implemented into the schools.

This survey will be used to collect data on the thoughts of readers interested in how Digital Technology will affect Schools in Georgia. All responses to questions on the survey will remain anonymous. The survey will close on March 31, 2014.

The survey was initially sent out via email on March 17, 2014 and since then have had approximately 7 responses. Of these preliminary responses:

  • 71 percent have said “yes” their child attends a school with a BYOT/BYOD Program
  • 86 percent said that they use digital devices to help with their child’s education “daily”
  • 43 percent said their child got their first digital device between “ages 3-5”

When asked the open-ended question of where parents see the role of digital textbooks in relation to traditional textbooks in the next 3 years; the responses were very similar in nature. Responses were summarized to say the following: “the shift to full digital will happen sooner than we think. The fact that the curriculum can update more frequently beats out traditional books.”

In conclusion, the results of this survey will be used in the making of a final presentation on the data found on the topic of tablets vs. textbooks in Georgia Schools.

I would personally like to thank each and every one of my readers who took the time out to answer the survey questions.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the topic or questions on the survey please feel free to email me at

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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