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Profile: Work Ready Grad is Closing the Gap In Education

According to Katie Pfledderer, in an article entitled 3 Way Social Media Can Help You Land Your Dream Job, “Social media can also boost your job search through networking, researching and marketing yourself.”

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Brian Srikanchana, Founder of Work Ready Grad, says their purpose is to “provide a platform where companies can engage students as they try to figure out what they want to do in a career.” Schools are focusing more on career development in recent years. As early as middle school, they are trying to get students to begin thinking about what they want to do for a future career. Srikanchana continued by saying, they don’t necessarily want students to know their exact career choice, but more so to “connect the dots regarding what you are doing in school to your long-term career goal–whatever that might be.” WorkReadyGrad is a social networking platform that allows students and professionals the opportunity to interact and plan their path to a successful future. Srikanchana stated that, “a lot of students are graduating from school, but they are not getting jobs because the schools have not been preparing them to actually be ready for the work force.”

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Srikanchana continues with, “the top two reasons students drop out of school, is because of the difficulty in connecting the relevance to long-term careers, and second, because of the lack of a strong support system.” When schools systems and professionals begin to include the Work Ready Grad Program into their daily lesson plans it will eliminate a students’ need to blame their circumstance or environment for what they do not have. This program allows them to take their future into their own hands, thus, paving the way to a successful career.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

According to Georgia’s Path to Personalized learning, Schools have already begun adding technology into the curriculum to increase test scores; but a student should be more than just a number on a data sheet. Work Ready Grad allows them to showcase skills, awards, and other job related experience to showcase themselves as a person rather than just another number. The Work Ready Grad Challenges section is another program that are in place to help close this gap in the educational system. The “challenges” can be related to “virtual internships” that allow students to complete problem solving skills and various presentations for different companies worldwide. These virtual internships not only provide students with “real life” work experience for their resume, but also allow for more frequent higher-level conversations between students and employers.

The main point of the platform is creating the professional level interactions and providing students with the motivation and strong support system to foster a brighter-more prepared youth for the future. Work Ready Grad is the answer to what happens in the space between Facebook and LinkedIn. A social platform that promotes friendly competition while motivating students to plan for the future they desire. All roads lead to great jobs for work ready graduates.

photo courtesy: work ready
photo courtesy:






Srikanchana, B. (2014, June 6). Founder of Work Ready Grad. (A. Golden, Interviewer)

Pfledderer, K. (2014). 3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land Your Dream Job. Diversity Employers, 45(1), 38-39.

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The Next Wave of Technology. Say hello to “Watson”

Watson, according to CNN Money, is a “computer system that learns by reading books, articles, or whatever you feed it.”

We all remember the “Super-Computer” Watson as a winning Jeopardy contestant of February 2011. The IBM created Super-Computer is now heading for bigger and better feats as it will be taught to analyze research and data to help make businesses and other developers lives simpler.

In an article from CNN Money, it has been reported that not only did the Super-Computer get its own business division– it is “investing more than $1 billion to create the Watson group.” Thus creating jobs for 2,000 new employees that will be “housed in IBM’s own building in New York City’s East Village.”

Basically, Watson is an eager ‘student’ (in the loose sense of the word being that he is actually artificial intelligence in the form of a tablet). Doctor’s will be able to eventually use Watson to help diagnose different diseases as well as tell them what kind of medicine would b
est treat the patient.

Watson will also help travel agents/booking agents market better to consumers by anticipating where they would like to go based on the description given. It takes the guessing out of where to go for a family vacation.

This could easily eliminate some of the guess work that doctors, businesses, and possibly later down the line the average family have to do in determining the best way to go about things. I know I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself to help with my research and business development.



Check out this video to learn more about how IBM Watson works:


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Friendships and Religion… Do they mix?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a friend as “a person who you like and enjoy being with” or “a person who helps or supports someone or something.”

By that definition, why would we  be “friends” with someone who does not support something we believe-better yet someone we cannot be ourselves around?

If you are truly someone’s friend, having conversations about similar or not so similar beliefs should NOT be a problem. You could possibly have completely different takes on certain situations but a “friend” won’t walk away and not talk to you for that reason alone. If you cannot talk about religion with some of your closest friends then…

 NEWS FLASH: That is not a true friend at all- just a good acquaintance.

I find myself talking to the few ‘real’ friends that I have about religion a lot. It is how we help each other get through many tough situations the “healthy” way. When you can talk to people you like to be around about any topic (like adults should be able to without feeling some type of way later) then you know you have some real friends, like I do.

So I want to hear from you… whom do you call a friend… and do you feel comfortable enough to talk about your religion around them?

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So You Want To Be A World Leader…

According to Business Insider, “You have the best chance of getting there with a major or advanced degree in economics, law, or politics.”

Really? Tell us something we don’t know. If you want to lead, you have to have some knowledge of how things run  (or at least the money to hire someone that does).You can have a good heart and the drive to get to the top with the right amount of business sense and an abundance of great networking; you too can be a leader.

However, to be a great leader you must start the preparation early. Start out by learning how to be humble and possibly volunteering with several non-profit groups around the area. Next, you must remember to do some research on where you are going-what those who were before you did to get there- and how you can be more efficient. Finally, you must be determined and never give up on the dream you have to be a world leader. If that means finding a mentor, providing ideas at the company you are with currently to make it a better place ,or acknowledging the good works of those who you admire already in the business.


Educational backgrounds of world leaders 2013

Yes, an education is important; but what can an education do for you without first applying the knowledge you have received to show that you have more than just a piece of paper?

Show off your talents in a modest way to enhance the fact that you have the proper education to back it up. That, in my opinion, is the best way to become a leader… anywhere.


Neil Degrasse Tyson Gives Interesting Take On U.S. Leadership


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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays…Which One Is It?


Christmas balls in the snow

Apparently there has been a debate going on as to which is more offensive to say to someone: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. religion writer, Paul Rasushenbush, says that this debate can be solved “with basic etiquette.” It is just that simple, for people to go based on what they know. If you know someone is a Christian: say ‘Merry Christmas’. The same goes if you know someone is Jewish: say ‘Happy Hanukah’. However it is more “polite” when you do not know to just keep it simple and say: ‘Happy Holidays’ or maybe even ‘Seasons Greetings’. (The last two are what most businesses use to help drive sales at this time of year too)

Rasushenbush continued by saying, “We are a nation that has continued to welcome people of all religious backgrounds and no religious backgrounds.”

So with that, lets just be civil. We may not always get along but we must understand the United States has transformed into a melting pot of many different cultures. Why get offended when someone does not say Merry/Happy (insert your holiday here)? At least they were polite enough to pretend (or be genuine enough) to care about wishing you well

during the holiday season.


The Holiday Season is a time for remembering why we are all here. No matter what religion we practice, the holidays are a time to reflect and give thanks for all things. This is the true meaning of the season, and that is what we celebrate. December is the one month we should all put our thoughts on ‘right and wrong’ aside and be grateful for being able to see another day.


What do you think about this so – called ‘war of holiday phrases’? Check out the Video from Huffington Post and let me know if you agree that the ‘war is over’.

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What did your job get you for Christmas this year?

December is a month of giving and receiving holiday cheer. Many parents and teachers often use the wild card, “Santa is watching” so children will be on their best behaviors in hopes of getting exactly what they want for Christmas (and more).images-1 copy 3

Some companies host holiday parties playing games like “White Elephant” or “Dirty Santa” where co-workers bring gifts of a certain price to swap while others go as far as to have an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party. Some keep it traditional and only give gifts to coworkers they would consider to be close friends, while other companies give holiday bonuses. Bonuses are always a welcome gift, especially at this time of year. In leu of the current economy, many companies have canned the idea of the holiday bonus for the time being but there is one company who has not fallen behind on their lavish employee gifts for the holidays. has reported that this year Google employees were “given their choice of a Nexus 5 smartphone or Nexus 7 tablet.” I know that I would love to be in a conundrum like that having to decide which high end piece of smart technology I want to receive free of cost! Wouldn’t you?

I am curious to find out what your job got you this holiday season?

More hours at work?  More projects than time? Or was it something like what Google gave their employees?

Chime in below, no matter how big or how small the “gift”, did your job go all out like Google this year? We want to hear how grateful (or not) you are for what your job gave you for Christmas.

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Tech Update: Curved Smart Phones Coming Your Way

If the rumors are true, Apple is behind the curve this time in unveiling to the world “first” the next greatest addition to smart technology. According to, “Apple is said to be working on two curved display iPhone models” as it’s next big release in the later part of 2014. Since the last Apple release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, started a precedent of launching two devices at one time, it is only natural they do it again, and bigger!

Samsung launched its Galaxy Round  with a curved display on October 9, 2013 beating one of its competitors, LG, to the punch. LG then followed up with the release of the G Flex on November 12, 2013 in South Korea.

photo credit:

Samsung Galaxy Round features a horizontally curved screen while the LG G Flex flaunts a vertically curved screen, though both are said to deliver a more comfortable grip and fit.


Photo Credit:

Yes, both Samsung and LG have released a curved smart phone this year back to back (to be released in the US early 2014). But how many people will really go for the idea until Apple “gives the okay” that it truly is the latest tech innovation since the first Macintosh Computer was introduced?

Inquiring minds want to know, “What is Apple going to do to make this “curved phone” fad the “next big thing?”


Apple is known best for its simplicity and accessibility for its consumers. Their new product has to be something that will set them above the ranks once again.  It is rumored that Apple will also add a larger screen size with better touch screen sensors that are more sensitive to the owners touch pressure and what they may want. But will it also follow in the footsteps of LG and have a self-healing back panel? As much as we all drop our phones this would be a plus for all of us. made a good point when reminding us what the curved screen really means for Apple. They said, “Apple will be transferring its screen technologies from LCD to OLED (organic light emitting diode)” this is something that CEO Tim Cook once described as “awful.” This is a big step for Apple in terms of keeping brand integrity while trying not to fall behind in the tech harvest as the years progress.

Curved phones provide consumers with a flexible phone, very similar to the “original” home phone curve. The new design also helps users save money in the long run. For those of us who drop our phones or let our children drop our phones by accident, a curved phone would yield and unbreakable phone. Even if it means we may have to put more money initially into the device, it may prove useful down the road…What do you think?

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What Are Your Fondest Thanksgiving Memories?

Photo Credit:

The air is crisp and leaves have fallen from the trees. November is one of the busiest months of the year as we all begin prepping for the holiday season. There is Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the list goes on. But, most importantly we see the beginning of family traditions. Thanksgiving is a time for family and being thankful for those around you (near and far). A time to give thanks for all of the small things we so often take for granted day to day; like our spouses “putting up” with our high stress moods or our children presenting us with long but efficient list of what they want for Christmas.

Photo Credit:

Many families are even already trimming the Christmas tree adding ornaments and lights and putting them in the windows of their homes. Let’s begin at Thanksgiving since it is only a few days away. Some of the most memorable Thanksgiving moments from my childhood are when we pack up the car with snacks and hit the road for South Carolina for dinner and laughs with my dad’s family on Thanksgiving morning. Four hours on the road to Inman, SC where at least 50 members of the family gathered and unknown neighbors seemed to wander over for plates of food cooked throughout the day. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, listening to loud voices and laughter of old stories told during a game (or 6) of spades, these are just a few of the memories I will share from my Thanksgiving childhood. The next morning, we would wake up with my cousins at 3:00am and head to the stores we mapped out the night before. Black Friday Shopping! Not that we needed anything in particular, it was just what we did each year. Braving the crowded stores, dodging buggies, and determined people for so called “limited sale” items, strategizing lines of how to get in and out was just a part of the fun. Heck, I believe it had something to do with my over efficiency coupled with the need to plan every aspect of things out and drive to beat (not just meet) deadlines! So, I am thankful for that part of my childhood. We would finish by 9am and get back on the road to Georgia for what I would call my second Thanksgiving trip to grandma’s house for my special plate.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Families have many traditions in life as well as several more that cater to just the holidays. But, most importantly is that these times are spent with family, friends, and loved ones; letting them know (spoken and unspoken words) that we love and appreciate them and all that they do for us.

FAME would like to hear from you; what are your fondest Thanksgiving memories/traditions?

Comment below the article and let the world know about your traditions…

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Equality for All: Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

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According to paragraph 341.6 of The United Methodist Church Book of Disciplines, “Ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches.” This is a pretty tough double standard to abide by in a church whose main mission is “Open hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” By that creed it is acceptable to believe that in The United Methodist Church, members are open minded about all people no matter what their stature is. There’s even a clause in Article IV that states, “All persons without regard to race, color, national origin, status, or economic condition, shall be eligible to attend its worship services, participate in its programs, receive the sacraments, upon baptism be admitted as baptized members, and upon taking vows declaring the Christian faith, become professing members in any local church in the connection.”

So why is it that homosexuals can attend the church, pay tithes to the church, but not get married in the church?

Photo Credit:

Pastor Frank Schaefer, of Zion United Methodist Church, is putting his credentials on the line for giving his son a chance to live happily ever after. Schaefer’s son has been married six years and now the church has made the decision to have a “church trial” on the issue. According to abcnews, Pastor Frank alerted his superiors in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference that he was going to perform his son’s wedding back in 2007 and they did not give him any “warning or reprimand” at that time. Six years later a parishioner has “filed a complaint, that Schaefer was told he would face discipline for violating a church doctrine.” It was also noted that Schaefer could have avoided a trial if he promised that he would not perform another same-sex ceremony. This may have been easy,  but with three out of four of his children being gay that is a promise I am sure no father could make.


I do worry about losing my credentials,” Schaefer said, “but I’m willing to lose them for an act of love.”

Photo Credit:


Thisis the true meaning of having an open heart and mind. He is a man of God who knows that everyone should be accepted no matter their stature in life; gay, straight, black, white, rich or poor we should be open to everyone just as our church claims to be.

There is a  Facebook page called “Stand With Pastor Frank: Support Equality” that already has 4,810 likes and counting. You too can “Stand With Pastor Frank” and support equality for all by “liking” his page. After all, we are in America where we pledge every day to give “liberty and justice for all.”


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Power, Money, Success: 2013 Edition

Who’s Number 1 this year on the Forbes list? Photo from:
Who’s Number 1 this year on the Forbes list? Photo from:

According to, The World’s Most Powerful People list is “an annual snapshot of the heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who truly run the world.” Back in 2009 Forbes started to compile a list of the most “powerful” people in the world. And now the 2013 list is out!

There are 72 people on this list. This year, the top three are Vladimir Puntin (Russian President), President Barak Obama (our great United States President), and Xi Jinping (general secretary of the Communist Party of China).

Last year, President Obama held the number one spot on the list, but this year he has slipped to number two. Not sure if it’s because people are still upset about the government shutdown or the whole Obamacare website thing (salty much).

Forbes Top 100 Powerful Women. Photo from:
Forbes Top 100 Powerful Women. Photo from:

The most inspiring part of the list is that there are nine women this year. Hopefully this goes to show how we (women) are moving on up and being noticed as more than just pretty faces in the world. Women made up 12 percent of the world’s most powerful list this year and it is only going to go up from there. It is always good to have strong women to look up to in the world.

Forbes also complied a list of the World’s 100 most powerful Women this year. Check out the link to see who made the cut.

Take a look at the full list of the most powerful people (male and female) and comment below on the person you feel should or not have been listed this year as one of the most powerful people in the world.

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