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The Church: Half Full or Half Empty

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”-Matthew 18:20

In a recent article on Huff Post Religion, Steve McSwain gives us “7” reasons “Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore.” Especially for those of us who were born in the technology driven era because many times there is no technology in church. Yes, there may be a few “tech savvy” individuals in your congregation but it isn’t being used widespread throughout the church. McSwain suggested that if Pastors and Priests incorporated Social Media into their messages it would get the youth more actively involved and wanting to come to church.

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I have been in a church like this once before in Douglasville, GA. They have an amazing contemporary worship service for all ages and before the service begins everyone is reminded to log on to Twitter to actively engage in the service. Church goers ask questions about the sermon, agree with the sermon, and even “check in” at church. This church, needless to say, has a very large and thriving congregation with a mixture of ages.  The church I am speaking of also uses the popular Bible App “YouVersion” to provide the sermon outline for you to follow along and take notes with. It’s obvious McSwain has a point. To keep members of the congregation involved, technology definitely has it’s place within the walls of church.

Now let’s talk attendance. There are big churches, medium churches, and large churches. Even in some of the large churches on some occasions you wont find large masses of people. Do you know why? It is because the church is just a building. The true worship is inside of the person and it’s between them and the Lord.

YouVersion Bible App
YouVersion Bible App

So, it really doesn’t matter if you have a large church with a large congregation, if the people are just there to say they are a part of a church and not there mentally or spiritually. Jesus says even if it is just a few of you there to worship in His name that he is among you.

Remember that next time you say church attendance is on the decline- maybe it’s just that church attendance by Real Christ Followers is on the rise and the devil has finally found his way out the door.

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Make Every Second Count. Time Is Ticking!

Sure, no man knows the day or the hour that one will perish, but one company is trying to put a positive spin on the time we have left before we “meet our maker.” is a company that has found a new way to promote and fund individual creativity.  Rebecca DeRosa of Brooklyn, NY is a part of the Tikker Team that is putting a positive spin on enjoying every second of life by reminding you of the time you have left. Founded by Fredrik Colting, this watch has been in the making for two years almost.
Currently the Tikker Watch is being sold for $59 on their website (when it isn’t sold out). This “Happiness Watch” is meant to make people cherish each moment in life they are awarded with. A constant reminder every time you look down at your wrist for the time that you have “x” amount of years, days, hours and seconds before you leave the earth for good.

Popular phrase “Y.O.L.O.”, You Only Live Life Once, comes to mind when I think of this invention. We only live life once so it’s best to enjoy it while we have it.  Life is a precious gift that is many times taken for granted in today’s society. From stress, to anger, to doing things out of spite, we all have been there at some point not knowing if we would wake up the next day to apologize to our loved ones or not. The Tikker Watch may be an estimation of the time you have left (since no one knows this information for sure except Jesus) but it is hoped to be an eye opener to its consumers!

“Wearing a Tikker is a statement to the world that your biggest priority in life, is living.” – Tikker Team
“Wearing a Tikker is a statement to the world that your biggest priority in life, is living.” – Tikker Team

Remember, Make every second of your life count because time waits for no one and cannot be rewound. Do something good for someone else, heck, do something good for yourself! Life is too short. Tikker Watches are expected to ship out April 2014. If you supported the Tikker Team on Kickstarter your order will be among the first to be processed. The Team says, “We ship world wide with super fast mail. We know you don’t have time to waste.”

How do you plan to spend your next (or maybe last) moments?

  Check out Tikker’s Kickstarter video here!

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What’s next for Microsoft as they search for a new CEO?

With current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announcing his resignation within the next 12 months, the search for a successor is on. Will Bill Gates step back up to the plate and bring Microsoft out of its “tech slum?” According to the, “Microsoft has struggled in important new markets in recent years, particularly with mobile phones and tablets, leading some executives in the tech industry to call for Mr. Gates to return as chief executive.”

It’s true, Microsoft has been falling behind in comparison to Apple in the last few years. I own both a Microsoft Surface tablet and an Apple iPad. Since the latest iOS update,  I have surprisingly been on my iPad more than ever.  It’s almost well; surprising.  Through all of the technological advances Apple has shown us over the years, I still love Microsoft . The fact that I havn’t even looked at my Surface tablet in a week is almost heartbreaking.

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Bill Gates, who still remained the largest shareholder of Microsoft after he stepped down to focus more on philanthropy work, will ultimately have the last say when it comes to the final decision of who will succeed Ballmer as CEO. Gates has remained “engaged” in production plans the company has developed over the years which means there wont be much time wasted if he were to step back in for day to day services at the once Solomon Temple of tech companies.

So will Gates step up and bring Microsoft back to life in his second term as company CEO? Or will he continue to give his “valued insight” behind the scenes staying inivolved with his many philanthropic activities? Whatever the he decides, I hope Ballmer’s successor has a renewed vision to revive the once titan tech corporation.

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The Gospel According to Bill O’Reilly… Really?

In reviewing the 60 Minutes interview with Bill O’Reilly on his newest publication “Killing Jesus” I was very skeptical at first about writing this article. I did not want to force my religion or opinion on other people, BUT I cannot hold this in!

I believe in my heart that when Jesus was put on that cross that he said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).” Why? Because I have FAITH. Faith that Jesus walked this earth for 33 and a half years, before he had to lay his life down so that we would have a better one. It was the reason he came down to earth from heavens, to save our souls. So in the interview where O’ Reilly says, “We don’t put in things that we don’t think happened”, I say he is contradicting himself. In the interview he mentioned, his inspiration for this book is “nothing short of divine” and that “All of the ideas came [to him] in the middle of the night”, I have a hard time believing that Jesus left that part out when he was speaking to him!

The Bible was written by Jesus, telling people he choose what to record in the books; so with that being said if O’Reilly was directed by the Holy Spirit to write this history book then I am pretty sure Jesus would have told him, that part as well, because the Jesus I know is an all forgiving God. If the Bible stated that it was said from the cross then there is no reason to doubt or put speculation into anyone’s mind saying otherwise.

Also, yes, Jesus did come to the earth as “a regular guy”, but he could not have been “…very afraid. Very afraid” as O’Reilly suggested because the bible says he knew his destiny when he arrived. God told him he was chosen to come down to save us from our sins.

It was the will of God that Jesus be crucified and Jesus was preparing for the moment, in peace, so I can assure you he was not afraid because he was willingly to do it. Jesus said in John 10:18that No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my father.”

The people had to come up with a reason to crucify him, as O’Reilly stated, but what he does not state was that it was written in God’s plan that Jesus came to die and rise again so that we all may have a better life.

“Well you believe what you want. If you want to take the Bible literally, then that’s your right to do that,” stated O’Reilly in the interview. I believe that was the ONLY thing that I agreed fully with that he said. Yes, it is good to know the history of events of the Most miraculous man in the world, but, be fair, report all of history. In any religious artifact you may search you will find one common thing that Jesus was and still is: A man of FORGIVENESS. Whether you believe he said it on the cross or not; it was said and I for one stand by that!

People are entitled to their own beliefs, but as a firm Christian who believes in the Bible to be theBasic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” that was a major oversight to leave that statement out of the book.

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Tablet for Two? The Digital Dining Experience

Popular Restaurant Chain, Chili’s Grill & Bar, to introduce Tabletop Tablets as permanent fixtures on tables in all locations in the coming year.

Image credit: Brinker International

With technology on the rise in the world, there was no surprise when I read this article on about the future of restaurants being digitized in the near future. All 823 U.S Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurants will soon be home to many Tabletop Ziosk Tabletsby early 2014.  The 7-inch tablets will be used to order from the menu, pay for meals and even games (at a cost) for the kids to play while they wait!

Will these new tabletop dining pieces have an effect on the many Chilli’s Restaurant employees?  A spokesperson for Chilli’s says “Ziosk tablets are a tool to help team members create an even better guest dining experience – not replace them.” Customers can expect to still be seated by the same hosts and hostesses they’re used to seeing a their favorite location and have a better overall dining experience.

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It’s a win-win for both the company and the consumers. Not to mention, customers order 50 percent more with the Ziosk Tablets. The customers will receive a faster more efficient dining experience by being able to order meals and drinks when they first arrive. Of course, the alcoholic beverages will still require an ID before your first drink; but after that you would be able to order on your own. Faster, more efficient service provides plenty of free time to enjoy conversations with family and friends.

The next time you visit Chili’s Grill & Bar, think about how all of the changes will be of service to you. In an interview with National Restaurant News, Edithann Ramey the Vice President of Marketing for Chili’s stated that Chili’s is “a place where people come to connect and spend time with each other.” With these tablets the customer “can control their own destiny” thus making the dining experience more enjoyable for everyone involved!

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Elegantly Simple: iOS 7

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iOS7 is a new operating system unveiled by Apple on September 18 at 1pm. It takes the old operating system a step above the rest by simply simplifying the usability of it.

Taking away the elements that were; “in the way” and brightening the retina display to make it more appealing was just the beginning.

Apple has added several more built in applications and even changed the look of the old apps! Some of the new updates brought about new features like Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking.

“It  makes the things you do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable,” says Apple. The typography has gotten slimmer and the design has gotten more awesome!

The new security features in iOS 7 make it harder for anyone who’s not you to use or sell your device. Once my device powered back on last night to have me finish the set up, I was asked to create a passcode. This passcode is supposed to make it harder for someone to get a hold of your device without permission.The best security feature by far would be the Find My iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod application. If someone were to steal your device you can remotely track it, lock it and “delete” files from it. The good part about deleting the files is that with your Apple ID you can get them right back when you log in with your ID and passcode on your brand new device.

I played around with it a little last night on my iPad; at first it took some getting used to for me. When first turning on after the initial update I noticed the main screen had a few additional applications than before and even the ones that were there before had a more elegant appearance. Brightly colored yet simple at the same time. The notepad that used to resemble the normal yellow legal pad is now a clear, crisp white pad with no lines. The calendar looked “simpler” as well. There was much more space to see what event was on which day.

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The App Store was also a bit more sleek this go around. There was an additional category at the bottom of the screen called “apps near me.” Naturally I was curious so I clicked it. Basically it’s the Genius category times two, it’s a mix of apps based on your previous apps with a twist. Apple now asks your location to see what apps people in your area are using!

For instance, the color popping bubbles of the new Game Center used to be green and look cluttered. Now,  the colored bubbles resemble conversations and keep track of who is where and on what game. So I can keep up with my friends playing games like Candy Crush and Temple Run!

Overall, I think the iOS 7 was one of the best updates Apple has created since the creation of the IOS. For a full list of the newly added features and how iOS 7 can benefit you visit Apple’s webpage.



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Shhh… Twitter’s Going Public

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It was not a secret that in 2006 when Twitter Inc. was founded by Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo  that the company would be “private.” The social networking and micro-blogging website, that allows its users to express themselves in 140 characters or less, was only interested in selling its stock internally to other members of the company and its investors, privately.

Now, Twitter Inc. has officially tweeted that they’ve “confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO…” In minutes the news was re-tweeted over 2000 times! With both good and not so good comments on the news it leaves many to wonder what will come of Twitter when this IPO is really on the table officially.

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According to an article on Jeff Chester stated that when Twitter goes public, “Twitter’s new job will be to please large advertisers and help them better use social media to target consumers.” Those consumers being all of the twitter users! Twitter will have to cater to the big companies by supplying them with our information so they can advertise to the individual liking of its users. Chester goes on to say that; “Twitter will need to re-examine its privacy policies to make sure users have complete control of their information when it relates to their finances, health, children, ethnicity, etc.” Meaning just like Facebook it could end up that you choose to give them the rights to your information for advertising purposes.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the side ads on Facebook that supposedly are based on what I like. It’s a distraction and not to mention it’s creepy that they have gathered information based on my Internet usage AND the information provided to them by the social networking site.

There isn’t much information about this “confidential” filing since it is protected by the new JOBS Act until three weeks before it plans to start the official public offering. But this was only the first step in the IPO process which typically takes three to six months, but can take longer.

So, it’s likely we wont see any Twitter Stock for sale until early 2014.

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A Little Class With Google Glass

First published at FAME Magazine by Amanda Golden

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Google has it all. From Google Wallet to Google Hangouts, they are truly cutting the into the next level of our technological society. Now, Google Glass, their newest device,  is a classy pair of glasses with a mini computer attached to it. This lightweight wearable computer is the next hot item that all the Techies and Trendsetters will be wearing in the next year.

Fully packed with apps for a variety of users, Google Glass has  a lot to offer. Don’t worry if you do not have a Google Wallet account to purchase apps because if you have Google Glass, you will have tosign up for that account to utilize the full range of what this product can do. Coming in colors like Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, and Sky consumers will have a lot to choose from.

But where are the lenses? From what I have seen each of the 5 color options are lens-less. Thus giving consumers the option to wear them as is, or customize their wear by adding the glass-less frame to their own corrective lenses or sunglasses even.

There is no official release date for this classy new trend, however there are very few available right now. Only a few Google Glass Developers and contest winners who were able to drop $1500 to test them earlier this year.

My question is, although these are very classy glasses by Google; aren’t you at the least bit worried about your privacy? Google Glass is run by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These capabilities allow them to record events photograph people and search for various items. What if they record you while you are out and about without your knowledge?

Luckily, according to the , “it [Google] opted to block facial recognition on the Google Glass product.” That would have been another can of worms (not to mention lawsuits) waiting to happen.

I’m curious to see how you feel abut this Hot Tech trend coming soon.

Let’s Chat.

Check out the Google Glass Class BELOW!

Google Glass Class from Youtube

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New Devices Falling From the Apple Tree this Fall

 New Devices Falling From the Apple Tree this Fall 

Apple sent out an invitation to its latest event to be held September 10, 2013 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. This long awaited event will be held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA with several invited guests.

photo courtesy of

It is reported that this event will unveil the newest iPhone(s); yes two new iPhone’s will be falling from the Apple tree this fall. The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will be in our hands and hearts in less than a week; are you ready?

According to, the iPhone 5S is the updated version of the iPhone 5 we already love, but the iPhone 5C will be the more cost affordable iPhone that I have been waiting for. A cheaper model would work just as well with the same operating system; but the make of the product is reported as having colorful plastic shells. Following suit of other companies with lower costing smart phones; Apple is reported to have colors like green, yellow, red, blue and of course white for the iPhone 5C.

Photo Credit:

It has also been reported the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner on the home button as well as a much improved rear camera. Most importantly, to me anyway since my last name is Golden, is the new color option of the Gold/Champagne and White! For full specs and pricing on these devices follow up with Apple after the official event this Tuesday, September 10th.


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Get Smart or Get Lost (in cyber space)

Get Smart or Get Lost (in cyber space)

Technology, like the three-year-olds in my classroom, does not stay in one place for long. It is steadily advancing and grabbing ahold to the world around us. This leaves us two choices: Fall in line with the newest tech trend, OR get lost in cyber space somewhere! Which will you choose?

Photo Credit:

Most smartphone users who have ever utilized the Google Maps App have recently  noticed how it Google has made a few drastic changes. Changes such as integrating traffic updates, Zaggat reports and reviews on hot spots in town and even “user specific” ads are now shown on the bottom. I don’t know about you but I think it overcomplicates the- what used to be so simple- navigation app it replaced.

If that wasn’t enough to get your mind running at full speed; lets review Samsung’s latest idea of releasing a SmartWatch. Yes, basically a more compact smart phone that you don’t have to have pocket space for as long as you have an arm. This isn’t the first time a company has tried to unveil this on the world but with many years of trial and error I am pretty sure Samsung will have it right this time. Also, to ensure that it helps them sell other Samsung products it is rumored that you won’t be able to get apps from the Google App store; Samsung will have its own market for customers. Thus making sure that it is paired with other high tech Samsung devices like the Galaxy S4. For full tech specs and rumored possibilities of this high tech gadget for your wrist visit

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Last but certainly not least, there is Mark Zuckerberg. CEO and Founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg seeks to attain Internet for everyone who does not already have access to it. What if you didn’t have Internet (or a Facebook) for a reason? Like myself, I only have a Facebook because it is required for school and work.  Either way according to a recent article Facebook has teamed up with several companies to help make this project happen. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population is still without internet and that is just not acceptable to Zuckerberg who has projected that in the near future people will be using Facebook for more than just tot keep in touch with friends. It seems the ultimate goal is not for free Internet but for a lower costing Internet so everyone can utilize social networking sites like Facebook.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with an Facebook logo as he poses with an Dell laptop in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica
Photo Credit:

This still leaves the questions:

  1. What if I am not as tech savvy as my neighbor and still feel like mailing a letter is better than sending an email any day?
  2. Will I be forced to one day soon latch on to these tech trends that are out of my budget because it is what is expected?



Technology is everywhere and is never going away. Whether we are two or 92  it is going to affect us in some way. It is your choice how.

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