The Next Wave of Technology. Say hello to “Watson”

Watson, according to CNN Money, is a “computer system that learns by reading books, articles, or whatever you feed it.”

We all remember the “Super-Computer” Watson as a winning Jeopardy contestant of February 2011. The IBM created Super-Computer is now heading for bigger and better feats as it will be taught to analyze research and data to help make businesses and other developers lives simpler.

In an article from CNN Money, it has been reported that not only did the Super-Computer get its own business division– it is “investing more than $1 billion to create the Watson group.” Thus creating jobs for 2,000 new employees that will be “housed in IBM’s own building in New York City’s East Village.”

Basically, Watson is an eager ‘student’ (in the loose sense of the word being that he is actually artificial intelligence in the form of a tablet). Doctor’s will be able to eventually use Watson to help diagnose different diseases as well as tell them what kind of medicine would b
est treat the patient.

Watson will also help travel agents/booking agents market better to consumers by anticipating where they would like to go based on the description given. It takes the guessing out of where to go for a family vacation.

This could easily eliminate some of the guess work that doctors, businesses, and possibly later down the line the average family have to do in determining the best way to go about things. I know I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself to help with my research and business development.



Check out this video to learn more about how IBM Watson works:


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