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A Closer Look at Massive Burn Studios: Keeping Visual Arts Alive in Atlanta

The artwork of Miles Davis is an inspiration to look deep within self to examine where you are headed in the future by remembering the experiences had growing up. Davis mentioned that by him being from a military family and having “traveled the world by the age of seven” that it “made him very knowledgeable of who he was as a human being and very independent as a person.”

According to their website Massive Burn Studios was, “Initially created to showcase the artwork and illustrations of pop-surrealist painter Miles Davis, the company has since grown into a full fledged creative services firm.”

A Closer Look at Massive Burn Studios: Keeping Visual Arts Alive in Atlanta from Amanda Golden on Vimeo.

It has been recorded by The Association of American Educators that “Among programs outside of music and art, far fewer public elementary schools are offering visual arts, dance and drama classes than a decade ago.”

“The fact that the defunding of arts; not just visual arts but music and everything else in schools is definitely a concern for me”, explained Davis. So, the Davis Duo is hoping to help by creating more avenues for children in the near future with their upcoming children series called “Butterpup” among many other ideas to keep children focused on a brighter more positive future. The new LLC, set for the coming year, is meant to “diversify the Mass Appeal Market for children” stated Davis.

William Dyrness, in an article entitled, “Subjectivity, the person and Modern Art says, “one of the few relatively uncontested observations about modern art is its consistent celebration of subjectivity and personal expression.”

The name of the company, Massive Burn Studios, is also an “inspiration within itself” stated Davis because it, “delved into the inspiration and the fire of trying to succeed in a creative business.”

Massive Burn Studios offers a wide range of products that fit to the pockets of many patrons. From the “Bargain Bin” on their site to the necklaces and postcard “takeaways” for purchase when they do conventions they have artwork that all can enjoy.

For more information on Massive Burn Studios or even to contact them to create an original piece just for you please visit massiveburnstudios.com. They are also always available via Facebook!

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New Media Journalism

Atlanta’s First Global Winter Wonderland

Atlanta’s First Global Winter Wonderland from Amanda Golden on Vimeo.

Atlanta, GA- The first Atlanta debut of the Global Winter Wonderland event is being held at Turner Field from November 21, 2013 – January 5, 2014 nightly from 5pm to 11pm. Global Winter Wonderland is a multicultural lantern festival based on the original Chinese lantern festivals. The Global Winter Wonderland first debuted in the US in Santa Clara California in 2011. A Festival of Lights that, according to the Atlanta Wonderland website, “will enable patrons to “travel the world in one day” by viewing large replicas of the world’s most famous landmarks such as India’s Taj Mahal, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and more.” The Global Winter Wonderland also features a diverse variety of arts and crafts, dance and musical performances, carnival rides, arcades, booths, international foods, and shopping. The Atlanta Global Winter Wonderland will also host performances by the famous UniverSoul Circus Thursday through Sunday nights with shows starting at 6pm for all ages to enjoy. For more information on The Global Winter Wonderland; its special events, hours, booths, where they will debut next or even to purchase tickets for an upcoming show please visit globalwonderland.com.

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