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Life With Image

Time Flies

Time sure does fly when learning new things!

I cannot believe it has been 6 months already…

Please excuse the confused look on my face, I was probably asking for Blue Gatorade!

It feels like just yesterday when I was being wheeled upstairs to the Labor and Delivery Room at Emory Johns Creek to meet my beautiful little Image.

Over the last 6 months I have seen her go from being a tiny life form to an absolute beautiful determined little girl with a mind of her own!

Yes, Image has a mind of her own already. Once she decides she wants something—watch out because she will find a way to get it…

She can’t crawl or walk yet but it is amazing the things she can get in to because she will LITERALLY use her head.

Have you seen any child who can get from one end of a play pen to another just by scooting with their head? I hadn’t until Image got strong enough. I mean, she has always been strong, since day 2 of life when Dad was trying to hold her in his lap and she decided she wanted to push herself into a standing position. But seriously, you should see how she uses her head to get to people and things she wants!

At 5 months old, before learning to crawl mind you, if you put her in a walker to play if you get too far from her she will get to you.

One night I had put her in the walker in the living room near her dad’s office and I walked across the room to put something away. I heard little wheels moving behind me and I thought, “Oh she is just rolling backwards again like she usually does”.  Nope! Not this time, she was headed right for me. But of course, like many babies, when looked at she stopped “walking” and acted like she wasn’t doing anything. I figured she was trying to “surprise me” so I pretended not to notice her from the side of my eye until she got about 10 steps away from me. I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore, I was so proud I did our “Mommy and Image scream” of happiness to express how proud I was of her. Image had pushed herself clear across the room to where I was, now that’s determination!

On Mother’s Day, my husband made me a wonderful breakfast of waffles, bacon, eggs and of course you cannot forget the fruit so he gave me a banana. Image was in her walker, staring at me as I finished my plate. I had the brilliant idea that since she kept smiling at my fruit, maybe, just maybe she was ready to try it. We could possibly eat fruit together. She was about 15 steps from the sofa where her dad and I were sitting so I told her “if you can make it to daddy, I will give you a piece of the banana”. I should have known that I have a determined child so she was going to grunt her way to where he was at in her little walker. Needless to say, Image tried her first fruit on Mother’s Day. It was a messy process but she picked up that half of banana and went to town until it was too slippery to pick back up!

She is just growing so fast, it is truly hard to believe I have already been blessed to enjoy 6 months of waking up several times in the middle of the night or that she already has 2 little pearly white teeth on the bottom or that she already seems to love shopping for herself.

Image doing “leg-ups” 2 days old

From the beginning when she was doing

“leg ups” in the hospital not even 3 days old, I knew Image was going to be an interesting little one who would teach me a whole heck of a lot as she grows. And so far, I have been correct, she is one interesting, picky- but funny little person!

A month into going to daycare, she decided she was going to not drink from ANY of the bottles we sent her with. She was just going to wait until the daycare called her mommy to come get her because she was “refusing to eat”.  As a new mom and a natural “worry wort” I had been watching the app most of the day and noticed that she hadn’t eaten since I left the house at 6:30 that morning. Sure enough, I was sent a note that they were getting worried she wouldn’t eat so they suggested I come to try to feed her myself. I leave work, get to the daycare expecting to see Image looking tired, hungry or both. Instead, as her teacher hands her to me, she looks at me with that big grin of hers and puts her head on my shoulder. We get home and she eats like nothing had been wrong all day at school. Really?! She just wanted to go home and have Mommy/Image time like we used to… Looking back it may have been my fault. Her first few weeks of daycare I would explain to her that I was going to work and would pick her up at the end of the day. but I also told her, “if you need me, you make your teachers call me.” I just didn’t think at her age, a few months old, that she could actually understand me and make it happen!

She understood way more than you would think a “normal” newborn would, I know that “normal” is a relative term and considering Image’s parents… well, you’d have to know us to understand! 🙂 Anyway, you would think that as a newborn all they have to “care” about is drinking breast milk and sleeping right?

I think she was about 3 and a half months old when we were changing her diaper and I had just found a $5 in my purse. I jokingly told her “if you can grab the money, you can have it”. She was still working on grasping items and had not yet done it to this point so I figured I was safe. Well, I was wrong! Image looked at me holding the green paper and gently put her fingers together on the other end. She didn’t take it from my hands but the fact that she tried to grasp it and doesn’t even know what money is used for at this point in life? That was a shock. Needless to say, she ended up with the $5 in her “spending money” piggy bank because a promise is a promise.

As I think back on all of the funny yet precious memories I have so far with Image, and share just a snapshot with you, I am trying my hardest not to break down and cry. Tears of joy, okay maybe a little sadness because my baby isn’t such a baby anymore, but mostly tears of joy that God blessed me with such a beautiful little girl who is growing more and more each day right before my eyes.


All of that to say: Happy Half Year, Image! Mommy loves you 😀

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