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Friendships and Religion… Do they mix?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a friend as “a person who you like and enjoy being with” or “a person who helps or supports someone or something.”

By that definition, why would we  be “friends” with someone who does not support something we believe-better yet someone we cannot be ourselves around?

If you are truly someone’s friend, having conversations about similar or not so similar beliefs should NOT be a problem. You could possibly have completely different takes on certain situations but a “friend” won’t walk away and not talk to you for that reason alone. If you cannot talk about religion with some of your closest friends then…

 NEWS FLASH: That is not a true friend at all- just a good acquaintance.

I find myself talking to the few ‘real’ friends that I have about religion a lot. It is how we help each other get through many tough situations the “healthy” way. When you can talk to people you like to be around about any topic (like adults should be able to without feeling some type of way later) then you know you have some real friends, like I do.

So I want to hear from you… whom do you call a friend… and do you feel comfortable enough to talk about your religion around them?

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