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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays…Which One Is It?


Christmas balls in the snow

Apparently there has been a debate going on as to which is more offensive to say to someone: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Huffingtonpost.com religion writer, Paul Rasushenbush, says that this debate can be solved “with basic etiquette.” It is just that simple, for people to go based on what they know. If you know someone is a Christian: say ‘Merry Christmas’. The same goes if you know someone is Jewish: say ‘Happy Hanukah’. However it is more “polite” when you do not know to just keep it simple and say: ‘Happy Holidays’ or maybe even ‘Seasons Greetings’. (The last two are what most businesses use to help drive sales at this time of year too)

Rasushenbush continued by saying, “We are a nation that has continued to welcome people of all religious backgrounds and no religious backgrounds.”

So with that, lets just be civil. We may not always get along but we must understand the United States has transformed into a melting pot of many different cultures. Why get offended when someone does not say Merry/Happy (insert your holiday here)? At least they were polite enough to pretend (or be genuine enough) to care about wishing you well

during the holiday season.


The Holiday Season is a time for remembering why we are all here. No matter what religion we practice, the holidays are a time to reflect and give thanks for all things. This is the true meaning of the season, and that is what we celebrate. December is the one month we should all put our thoughts on ‘right and wrong’ aside and be grateful for being able to see another day.


What do you think about this so – called ‘war of holiday phrases’? Check out the Video from Huffington Post and let me know if you agree that the ‘war is over’.

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