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Community Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fayetteville, GA- Monday, January 20, 2014 Fayette County Board of Education along with the Fayette County Branch of NAACP continued “Advancing the Call For Civility and Civil Rights” with the 2014 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration and Program.

Over 150 citizens of Fayette County gathered in the streets to participate in the annual Dr. King day events. Beginning with the parade where school bands, color guards, churches and other local businesses marched in remembrance of Dr. King.


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The annual celebration of Dr. King was not always “a welcome idea” according to City Council Member Reverend Edward Johnson. In 2000, as the Fayette County NAACP President he was made aware that “many of the cities in Fayette County did not even allow the staff to take the day off unless they took a “vacation day” to celebrate a day of recognizing Dr. King’s legacy.” In 2001 Mayor Steve Brown, of Peachtree City, “welcomed the idea of hosting a program at Peachtree City Hall. Johnson continued by saying that it took five years of persistency from the NAACP for “other Fayette Cities to recognize the holiday.”road to mlk jr events infographic

The 2014 Annual Parade and Celebration Program were held at Sam’s Auditorium where community members of all races gathered to remember the legacy of Dr. King. The event opened with selections from the Olivet Children and Youth Choir and led into a program to celebrate “unity for all.” Keynote speaker, Reverend Carolyn Maull McKinstry recalled her experience of surviving the 16th Street Church Bombing in Birmingham, AL. Fayette County NAACP President John E. Jones followed with a recitation of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Awards for the MLK Essay Winners, MLK Academic Achievement, Athletic Excellence and 2014 Parade Float Winners were given in the end to celebrate student achievements through the year.

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 Johnson closed with a reminder that “although, many have embraced this day as one to celebrate, we are still working to get more diversity involved in the annual celebration.”

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New Media Journalism

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs Host 2nd Annual Christmas in Atlanta

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs Host 2nd Annual Christmas in Atlanta from Amanda Golden on Vimeo.


Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization in Atlanta, partnered with The Georgia World Congress Center to host Christmas in Atlanta. This event was a Holiday Shopping Marketplace filled with several entrepreneurs from across the state of Georgia December 6 – 8, 2013.


The Holiday Shopping Marketplace housed a wide range of products, from mostly women entrepreneurs, to offer the crowds who attended the event. Some items to be mentioned are: photographs, t-shirts, hats, buttons, jewelry and handbags.


According to an article by Carole Scott called, “Why more women are becoming entrepreneurs“, a lot of women have started their own businesses because of “the lack of opportunity” women had when “working for others.”


Sunday, December 8th was the final day of Christmas in Atlanta but it was the big day for the Accessory Jewelry Show.  Entrepreneur Melanie Smith was the booth owner showcased on this day. Smith runs bothSouthern Girls” and “Christian T- Shirts and More” located in Adairsville, Georgia. Smith had several pieces of jewelry laid out on her table from sterling silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches and even a few handmade Christmas ornaments for show. Smith stated that she, “usually would have brought the t-shirts” but she ran out of space on the table this year.  With prices like: buy 2 necklaces for $20 or 1 for $12 along with other specials for purchasing more, customers were drawn to her layout.


For more information on Christmas in Atlanta and how you can become a part of Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs please visit: www.eheatlanta.org.


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New Media Journalism Toddlers and Tablets

Digital Learning to Improve Early Education

Love T. Nolan Elementary School is located in South Fulton County (College Park, GA). Majority of the students come from low-income families and have not had the same advantage to technology (pre-entering school) that other children may have had. Hatch Technology Services in their background research showed that “Compared to their middle-income peers, young low-income children display poorer language/literacy and mathematics skills, putting them at high risk for school failure.” So by putting programs that scaffold learning into these schools one can possibly help them to beat the odds.

students at LTN MARCH 2013
Infographic created by: Amanda Golden

Love T. Nolan has approximately 300 students in grade PK-2ND grade according to the March 2013 FTE numbers. Fulton County Schools Tech Specialist, Carl Golden, “feel[s] that introducing students to technology at an early age is very beneficial to their educational growth and development.”

In the school there are 42 classrooms, continues Golden, “including art, music, and P.E. use digital technology during instruction.” Of these 42 there are 6 that we will focus on. There are 6 teachers who are utilizing the Hatch Technology Tablets in their classroom at Love T. Nolan all in the Pre- Kindergarten arena. Golden stated that of these teachers “One class has 4 students; 1 class has 10 students; the remaining classes have at least 15 students but all students are exposed to the Hatch Tablet for learning.”  These tablets are said to have significant success in improving the readiness for the student to go to the next grade level according to Hatch: The Early Learning Experts.

Infographic Created by: Amanda Golden
Infographic Created by: Amanda Golden

Nolan Elementary School Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Alicia Prather uses the Hatch tablet in her classroom for literacy.  Prather says, “Letter recognition and phonic recognition are the types of activities that are used most often” in her classroom. The students seem to enjoy the tablet use and she has seen “some growth” in many of her students though she cannot be “to positive that the growth is contributed to the use of the tablet or other techniques used in class.” This is true of many teachers using the product. Hatch: The Early Learning Experts founder, Ginny Norton explained that the tablets are “not talking about having technology replace the teacher” they (teachers) are to “consistently incorporate them into the daily routine to impact school readiness.” So it is together with the techniques used already in the classroom that technology is “appropriately used” to enhance school readiness in students.

Pre-K Student using tablet at Nolan Elementary School. Photo credit: Amanda Golden
Pre-K Student using tablet at Nolan Elementary School. Photo credit: Amanda Golden

As written in the School Systems Strategic Plan 2017  their community has “clearly demonstrated their demand and desire for more integration of technology through the renewal of  [their] sales tax for capital improvements, which will be heavily invested in technology.” These projections have been made true to reflect the Fulton County School System FY2014 Budget , there will be $100,000.00 in the budget to fund “computers and iPad’s for new staff for all Learning and Teaching Offices. There will be an additional $250,000.00 in the Instructional Media Technology Category of the budget to “To provide district level electronic books, available for use by all students, teachers and parents (K-12). These Electronic books will support Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).”

As a result of an increased budget for Integrating Technology into their school system they are ensuring that their teacher, parents and students will have “the tools and information necessary to accelerate learning.”

However, there are other programs that are not as lucky. In an article published by the Harvard International Review (B. PELHAM, 2009) “the assumption that wealthy countries tend to have better education systems than poorer countries is correct.” Not everyone has access to computers and tablet devices unless a sponsoring program steps in. The article shows “evidence indicates that the level of computer propagation in a country is strongly associated with its students’ scores” on standardized test a lot like the ones in the states.  There is a program called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) that helped students in Abuja, Nigeria to advance educationally.  They also help other countries that are in lower wealth states to advance. Advocates of the OLPC Program suggest, “computers are powerf[ul] learning tools, bringing information to students’ fingertips and allowing them to interact with it and synthesize it in ways that would be impossible otherwise.”

According to Hatch: The Early Learning Experts Study on the iStartSmart Learning System, “Preliminary results of a scientific research study on the iStartSmart software showed children had significant gains on standardized tests in comparison to control group children who had not used iStartSmart software.”



B. PELHAM, S. C. (2009, July 01). Technology and Education: The Power of the Personal Computer. Harvard International Review , 74-76.


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New Media Journalism Technology Toddlers and Tablets

iPad Training 101

Getting to know your iPad made easy; an hour long hands-on teaching experiences with your new Apple devices found at PeachMac- Peachtree City for Free.

Peachtree City, Georgia- Getting to know your iPad event was held Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 10:00 am in The Avenue of Peachtree City. The event was hosted at the PeachMac store by trainers, Emily Anderson and Andrew Gruner.

Anderson states this is an introductory course that goes over the “basic navigation of the device” as well as the “terminology” used with the device. She explains what each term means in normal terms. She goes on to say that “equating it to something familiar is the one thing I know our customers love about our store.” To ensure everyone gets adequate training, there is only a limited amount of people in each training class. This class had eight attendees; which is the maximum for the workshop.

PeachMac hosts several other trainings throughout the week. These free workshops may be found on their webpage.

Andrew Gruner going through the basic steps of how to use your iPad in the Getting to know your iPad Training. Saturday, August 31, 2013 at PeachMac in Peachtree City, GA Photo by: Amanda Golden/Full Sail University
Andrew Gruner going through the basic steps of how to use your iPad in the Getting to know your iPad Training.
Saturday, August 31, 2013 at PeachMac in Peachtree City, GA
Photo by: Amanda Golden/Full Sail University

Gruner prefaced the class by saying, “this workshop never takes the full hour because it is a lot more straightforward than using a Mac.” The iPad is more “user-friendly” stated Gruner this is why it usually only takes about thirty minutes to complete the training. The class ranged from ages 14-73 this Saturday so trainer, Andrew Gruner continuously reassured the attendees that no one would be left behind with his explanations. This course differed from the previous Introduction to iPad classes by lasting the full hour allotted for the course.

Tom and Sylvia Morrison recently brought an iPad for their 73-year-old mother, Victoria, so that she may be able to stay in contact with them when they aren’t around. Also, “the iPad will let her watch the videos her granddaughter is producing as well”, added Tom. Throughout the course several basic questions were answered on how to use the iPad, including the definition of an “app”. The Apple App Store is where customers would purchase applications according to their liking so Gruner was sure to show step-by-step how to access it to get the most from the store. Sylvia noted that since they had just introduced the iPad to her mother, to be able to communicate with them mostly, “we still need to teach her the definition of free vs. paid in the app store.” Tom went on to joke that their daughter, a 7th grader in Fulton County Schools, was going to teach her everything there was to know about texting and using her new iPad later this evening since they were using them in her school she was now almost an expert.

Andrew Gruner going through each step of how to use your iPad with Ms. Victoria in the Getting to know your iPad training. Saturday, August 31, 2013 at PeachMac in Peachtree City, GA Photo by: Amanda Golden/Full Sail University
Andrew Gruner going through each step of how to use your iPad with Ms. Victoria in the Getting to know your iPad training.
Saturday, August 31, 2013 at PeachMac in Peachtree City, GA
Photo by: Amanda Golden/Full Sail University

The B.Y.O.T Initiatives have begun to spread throughout the country. According to the article written in the PeachMac blog, “the program has proven to engage students and encourage them to participate more in class.” Anderson says, “very few have come to a workshop for their child. Those that do, generally want to have the knowledge to help their children navigate the device should the need arise.” She recommends one of the most used apps available in store for parents who do bring children to be called “Lunchbox”. This app uses a monkey character to teach shapes to the younger children. Though there are many other educational apps such as MathBoard and her personal favorites NASA and iTunes U she explains. Several more awesome apps can be found for new parents on the PeachMac Blog.

PeachMac offers a variety of resources and product trainings that are open for anyone who would like to attend, from the free workshops to the PeachPlus Memberships and One-on-One support. For more information on PeachMac and what it has to offer contact your local PeachMac Store.

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