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What did your job get you for Christmas this year?

December is a month of giving and receiving holiday cheer. Many parents and teachers often use the wild card, “Santa is watching” so children will be on their best behaviors in hopes of getting exactly what they want for Christmas (and more).images-1 copy 3

Some companies host holiday parties playing games like “White Elephant” or “Dirty Santa” where co-workers bring gifts of a certain price to swap while others go as far as to have an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party. Some keep it traditional and only give gifts to coworkers they would consider to be close friends, while other companies give holiday bonuses. Bonuses are always a welcome gift, especially at this time of year. In leu of the current economy, many companies have canned the idea of the holiday bonus for the time being but there is one company who has not fallen behind on their lavish employee gifts for the holidays.


BusinessInsider.com has reported that this year Google employees were “given their choice of a Nexus 5 smartphone or Nexus 7 tablet.” I know that I would love to be in a conundrum like that having to decide which high end piece of smart technology I want to receive free of cost! Wouldn’t you?

I am curious to find out what your job got you this holiday season?

More hours at work?  More projects than time? Or was it something like what Google gave their employees?

Chime in below, no matter how big or how small the “gift”, did your job go all out like Google this year? We want to hear how grateful (or not) you are for what your job gave you for Christmas.

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