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Ashtoons Caricatures Launches First Big Venture at Global Winter Wonderland


Ashtoons Caricatures First Big Venture from Amanda Golden on Vimeo.


Caricature Artist Ashley Rowland says that he has recently begun his “first big venture” as a Caricature Artist Business Owner. His first big venture began at Atlanta’s first experience with Global Winter Wonderland, November 21, 2013 where he says that he “went all in” for the entire festival length as a booth renter. His company is called Ashtoons Caricatures. It is here at Turner Field in Atlanta, GA where he provides both color and black and white caricatures to his patrons.


According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, a Caricature is “a satirical drawing, plastic representation, or description which, through exaggeration of natural features, makes its subject appear ridiculous.”


With many years of expertise as a graphic designer/artist it is surprisingly notable that Rowland stated he is actually “a welder by trade.” Rowland continued by stating, “welding works mostly off of muscle memory and eye and hand coordination. Which is something [he] had already developed” as an artist.


“Global Winter Wonderland Atlanta  is the place to launch new products, interact with new and loyal repeat customers, build brand awareness, and conduct on-site sales”, according to the event website.


For more information on how to book Ashtoons Caricatures for your event please visit: www.ashtoons.com or you may even check out his Facebook Fan Page.

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New Media Journalism

Atlanta’s First Global Winter Wonderland

Atlanta’s First Global Winter Wonderland from Amanda Golden on Vimeo.

Atlanta, GA- The first Atlanta debut of the Global Winter Wonderland event is being held at Turner Field from November 21, 2013 – January 5, 2014 nightly from 5pm to 11pm. Global Winter Wonderland is a multicultural lantern festival based on the original Chinese lantern festivals. The Global Winter Wonderland first debuted in the US in Santa Clara California in 2011. A Festival of Lights that, according to the Atlanta Wonderland website, “will enable patrons to “travel the world in one day” by viewing large replicas of the world’s most famous landmarks such as India’s Taj Mahal, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and more.” The Global Winter Wonderland also features a diverse variety of arts and crafts, dance and musical performances, carnival rides, arcades, booths, international foods, and shopping. The Atlanta Global Winter Wonderland will also host performances by the famous UniverSoul Circus Thursday through Sunday nights with shows starting at 6pm for all ages to enjoy. For more information on The Global Winter Wonderland; its special events, hours, booths, where they will debut next or even to purchase tickets for an upcoming show please visit globalwonderland.com.

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