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So You Want To Be A World Leader…

According to Business Insider, “You have the best chance of getting there with a major or advanced degree in economics, law, or politics.”

Really? Tell us something we don’t know. If you want to lead, you have to have some knowledge of how things run  (or at least the money to hire someone that does).You can have a good heart and the drive to get to the top with the right amount of business sense and an abundance of great networking; you too can be a leader.

However, to be a great leader you must start the preparation early. Start out by learning how to be humble and possibly volunteering with several non-profit groups around the area. Next, you must remember to do some research on where you are going-what those who were before you did to get there- and how you can be more efficient. Finally, you must be determined and never give up on the dream you have to be a world leader. If that means finding a mentor, providing ideas at the company you are with currently to make it a better place ,or acknowledging the good works of those who you admire already in the business.


Educational backgrounds of world leaders 2013

Yes, an education is important; but what can an education do for you without first applying the knowledge you have received to show that you have more than just a piece of paper?

Show off your talents in a modest way to enhance the fact that you have the proper education to back it up. That, in my opinion, is the best way to become a leader… anywhere.


Neil Degrasse Tyson Gives Interesting Take On U.S. Leadership


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