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Life Forever’s The Graphic “Contains Content”

Check back on the Life Forever site for its Official Release!

Atlanta, Georgia (amandamgolden.com) 1 May 2014– Local business owner is on the verge of releasing a “prime new visual series” this May on YouTube. Life Forever’s The Graphic will combine humorous commentary with the original art rendering process of the graphic design artist himself. So, even if you’re not into art, this show is still for you!  If you need more convincing, the tagline of the show is “Contains Content.”

DeForrest, an Independent Graphic Design Artist and Author, is releasing the Pilot episodes behind the scenes of an artists’ mind on a YouTube Channel near you this May. Life Forever’s The Graphic is an episodic series featuring DeForrest’s art process and is set to comedic commentary. The artist will be drawing some of his signature characters and other works but with the twist of having someone entertain the audience as opposed to just having background music or someone giving a lecture.

DeForrest stated that in December 2013 he thought about wanting to develop an episodic presence on YouTube. In his thought process he said, “hey, I’m sure my process would be interesting to look at,” but he didn’t want just that alone; he wanted to make a real production, and The Graphic is the result of that.

Photo Credit: Life Forever/DeForrest
Photo Credit: Life Forever/DeForrest

The artist went on to say, “The technology to do it is here and now, very accessible, and I can’t let my chance pass me by: I know I have a great product, a unique and quality product, that we can deliver, and there are several outlets for it these days.”

From there he researched about the YouTube Partnership Program and began the planning on the YouTube Series coming out later this month.

DeForrest has been drawing and writing for 15 years. So far, he has published 4 books with a 5th coming this summer. His signature series is called Street Pedal Black.

The story of Street Pedal Black is set in a dystopian world, and is about a teenage crew led by an urban samurai known as Street Pedal Black, also called “The Fire of Metal Stereo.” Many of the first few episodes of The Graphic will show illustrations from the digital novels.

This episodic series called, The Graphic, features the cast of characters known as “Heavyhands,” “Proper,” “The Fifth,” and “The Director,” in probably some of the most eccentric conversations you’ve ever heard over the rendering process. The Graphic will also function as an audio podcast on the main Life-Forever.com for those who just want to listen.

The team has been doing a lot of audio and video recording the last few months. They have also been testing the waters for the Internet, and feel that they have some great material so far. “We’re all excited, and we plan on releasing the first episode later on this month” stated The Director.

DeForrest specializes in character designs and traditional sketching while constantly improving upon his digital rendering skills.

“Life Forever is the one-man independent brand name used by writer and illustrator DeForrest, primarily operating online through the website, www.life-forever.com. Commissions, short novels, and other merchandise are all created by the artist in the USA.”

For More Information Please Contact:

Paul DeForrest Scisney, Independent Graphic Design Artist and Author of Life Forever.

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