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This page is dedicated to learning more about how an why tablets (and other high technology) affect our young children.

Why am I writing on this subject?

I hold a Child Development Associate Credential in Preschool teaching because this is the age that excites me most. Their little minds are like sponges waiting to soak up all of the knowledge they can.

With all of the advancement in technology and education, instruments such as tablets and iPads are popular teaching tools! Many of them are better at using them than we (as adults) are.

These are just a few topics I will be reporting on in this section…

But are these tools being introduced too soon?

Will it affect their ability to interact with other children their age?

Are there certain time restraints one should have when letting a toddler use a tablet?

Should our children get expensive tablets that many parents can not even afford for themselves?


Feel free to send suggestions on topics in this category or comments on the articles written here.


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