True Life: Candy Crush Saga is Addictive

True Life: Candy Crush Saga is Addictive

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The sweetest game to top the charts since Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga is the game most played by millions of people daily.

Children, teens and adults alike, this game has us all screaming for more lives or for certain candies to just go away!

Developed by in 2012, who knew that this strategy game would take over the lives of our citizens? I was one in the beginning who declared “not me, I won’t be caught up in the craze” but look at me now; I can’t go four hours without playing at least for 5 minutes on my Android Device.

My 5 –year- old niece even loves the game! She sat for minutes at a time going from playing with her little cousin to telling him to leave her alone so she can “win some candies and make the little girl [Toffette] smile.”

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The best part about the game is that even at that young age when you can read, but haven’t fully grasped the concept of matching three colors in a vertical or horizontal row, you can still have fun just touching the screen and by chance matching the colors. So it is a win -win game!

Parents can hand the brightly colored candy game to a hyperactive child to quiet them for a moment. Or if the adult needs a break from reality, they too can find themselves locked in a world where crushing candy can help pass time or relieve stress from every day life.


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